Friday, May 2, 2014

Apples, peaches, pears, plums...

North Texas Blue
11 x 14
oil on canvas
    Spring is a busy time in the  gardener  and the outdoor painter. There is never enough time to do everything. But I have always remembered the words of a preacher that I saw on television. He said that we always have time for what we put first. I try to follow this and group my priorities where they should be . One of the things I always give time to in the spring is painting the bluebonnets. The smell alone is worth going out to a big field to experience. But the pleasure of being outdoors painting with friends in great weather (or even not) is the best part of it. This spring we have painted in the Corp of Engineers Parks around Benbrook Lake on weekends and after work.
Scout in front of one of the rose bushes.
     The other demand of my time, this time of year, is my yard and garden.  We had a hard winter and some of my shrubbery is still looking very grim, but the roses have been incredible. I have so many colors and different sizes and they have all put on a show. The peonies were really nice also.
Roses and peonies in the background.
    Every spring my garden tempts me to get out and paint in it but the pull of the country and the wild flowers always wins out. I do take plenty of photos for later use.

A bloom on one of my yellow roses.
    We had some VERY late freezes and frosts this year. They took there toll on the plums. But, the apples, peaches, and pears are covered with fruit as are the grapes and raspberries. The trick will be to keep the squirrels and birds away later in the spring.
Apples on one of my two apple trees.
     I don't think of apples as doing really well around here but my great grandmother had a tree that produced large crops of green apples. So with that in mind two years ago I purchased two trees and they have grown well. This year they have lots of apples on them.

Belle Of Georgia Peaches
     The peach trees, I have two, are Belle of Georgias. They are covered with peaches this year. This is a white peach and one of the varieties my grandmother grew. They are covered with peaches.
One of the pears on my tree.

      I have one pear tree. It was planted two years ago and has several pears on it. There are three plum trees but they have  no plums left on them.

Part of my vegetable garden - tomatoes, peppers, beans , squash, pumpkins, and raspberries
   Besides the fruit trees, I have vegetables and herbs planted in a couple of different places. It takes a lot of watering and weeding to keep it all going.


  1. Love this painting, Doug! I remember seeing blue bonnets all over the fields when we visited Texas a few years back! SO beautiful that I bought seeds to take back to New York....unfortunately they never grew for me..

  2. Doug, you should paint those gorgeous flowers and trees in your yard! Not only can you paint and sculpt, but you have a green thumb to boot!!