Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Work Is On Display at the Modern Art Museum With Lucian Freud.

Me sculpting a bison from a Charles Russell painting.
I am horribly behind in posting. I have had so much going on that I've let that slide, but I'll at least write about today. Today, I did a sculpture demonstration at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.
Of all our fine museums in Fort Worth  this is one I never  expected  to have my work in. Currently there is a large Lucian Freud exhibit, only being shown here and in London. But for today, visitors to the museum could see my sculptures and the portraits of Lucien Freud in the same venue.
Me blocking in my sculpture in the Fort Worth Modern Art Museum
 I was actually here as a guest of the Sid Richardson Museum. This Is our  Educators Evening in Fort Worth. all the  museums are free  to educators today and they have special exhibits to show what all they have to offer. The Sid Richardson is in down town quite a distance from the museum district, so they had a setup here in the Modern.
 The Sid Richardson is having a sculpture exhibit on the works of Remington and as part of this  they asked me to do the sculpture demo.They asked me to choose a painting from their collection and do a sculpture based on it . I selected a Russell painting, The Wounded Buffalo is the title I think. I decided to do a bison from the painting.

One of my works in clay, one in wax, and a finished piece.
 I brought a sculpture of a bison in clay, a wax copy of one of my bison sculptures, and a bronze, in addition to the materials  to create a new  sculpture.
 There were hundreds of people here and I saw  many that I  knew. It was a really fun evening.

Me explaining my sculpture process.
So as I said, for  one day at least,  my art  was in the  same  museum as  Lucien Freud, Andy Warhol, and many other modern artists.
The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth