Saturday, January 19, 2013

Time to Cowboy Up in Cowtown

Texas Bison
8 x 10
oil on canvas
     We had some nice weather today, for a change, so I worked on my art outside and went to two great annual events here in Fort Worth. But first I will talk about the art. I painted the bison painting above  earlier this week. Bison are one of my favorite animals to sculpt and paint. However when I looked at it today I saw there was a scratch where the paint was missing so I fixed that.

Star I'm painting for the Alzheimer's Association.

   Then I began working on a new project. I was asked to be one of a group of metroplex artists who will be decorating steel stars to be auctioned off for the Texas Alzheimer's Association. Other participating artists are Blair Curren, Nancy Boren, Sheri Jones, and Olivette Hubler. Earlier in the week I bought primer and sanded and primed the stars that had not been picked up yet. Today I started mine. It will be a Texas landscape with bison, trees, cacti, and maybe bluebonnets. This photo was taken after I blocked in the sky and tree line. I actually worked until I got the whole painting blocked in.

The Six Flags of Texas in the Stock Show parade.
    The other part of my day was spent in large part at the Fort Worth Stock Show parade and later at the Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show. I used both opportunities to take lots of photos for future art projects as well as just enjoyed some of our great Western Heritage and History.
The US cavalry from Fort Hood.

     The parade is in downtown Fort worth and is the largest all horse and horse drawn vehicle parade in the world. There are over 2000 horses, mules, and donkeys. It seems like every one who is anyone shows up on a horse, in a wagon, buggy, or stage coach. The mayor and city council always ride in it. So to do representatives from the TV stations, radio stations, banks, local businesses, surrounding Sherrifs' posses, branches of the military, churches, and even groups like the Texas Girls Choir. There are also reenactors from various groups.
The TCU marching band.

   Like any parade their are lots of marching bands. As always TCU's marching band was the first band, and they sounded great. Some of the local high school bands participated. There was even a really good band that came all the way from Mexico.

Riders from a Mexican riding club.

    In addition to the band from Mexico several riding clubs from Mexico come up for the event. They wear traditional Mexican clothing. The women almost all ride side saddle. Some of the men perform rope trips. Others ride along talking on their cell phones.

A stage coach in the Stock Show parade
The parade is really a great annual event and a chance for everyone who doesn't usually do so to wear their cowboy hats and boots. I heard there were about 100,000 watching the parade today. Of course the important thing is that it is the start of the Stock Show and Rodeo. So later, after the parade, that is where I went.

A longhorn steer in one of the cattle barns.
This was the first day of the show. The show will run into February and different breeds of livestock are there at different times. The longhorns, one of my favorites, are some of the first there. Today I just took photos. I'll try to go back and  sculpt them while they are still there. When I was growing up Brahmas were my favorite breed of cattle. I may have to try one of those some time.

Brahmas in the Stock Show.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sculpting and Painting in the New Year

Coyote sculpture in progress at the zoo.
   One of my newest projects is a small coyote sculpture. Last weekend I went out to the Fort Worth Zoo and worked on it. When I'm finished I'll cast it in bronze. It was fairly cold but I enjoyed working from life. We have two coyotes. They are brothers. They are housed between the jaguars and bobcats in the Texas Wild section. I think they can't be very happy with their choice of neighbors.

Coyote in the Fort Worth Zoo
   I also went out to Cedar Hill State Park south of Dallas to paint out. There was a group of about seven of us including my friends Tina Bohlman and Olivette Hubler.There is an old farm on the property complete with buildings and farm machinery. I didn't finish my painting that I was working on of one of the outbuildings. One of the things I can say about it is that I'm still working on my values, especially the darks.
    I also had some very exciting news, my gallery in Fredericksburg asked me to do a sculpture demo for their Texas Masters Show. This is truly an incredible honor for me. Some of the artists who have done demos there recently include Scott Christianson, Quang Ho, and Jill Carver. The show opens March 1st and my demo will be Saturday morning, March 2nd.
The farm in Cedar Hill State Park