Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Texas Masters Show

Me working on my demo at The Texas Masters Show at the Insight Gallery

     This weekend was one of the ones  I most  look forward to every year. It was the start of the Texas Masters Show at the Insight Gallery in Fredericksburg. This year I did a sculpture demo during the opening reception.  It was really great meeting some of my collectors. I was truly impressed by them.
      Another thing that I thoroughly enjoyed was visiting with the other artists. Because I was doing my demo I didn't get to talk with all of the great artists there, but  some of my favorite artists that  I visited with were Gladys Roldan-de-Moras, Jill Carver, D. Larue Mahlke, Bob Guelich, Mary Buchholz, George Halmark, and Chuck Rawle.

       The next morning after the show I drove around to enjoy the scenery and wildlife of the Hill Country and then went back to the Insight Gallery to watch painting demos by Cheri Christensen and Mark Haworth. It was a very interesting demo and a nice way to wrap up the weekend at Fredericksburg. This turned out to be a profitable and enjoyable weekend.
Two of my bronzes in the show.


Three of my bronzes in the show.
Two more of my bronzes in the show.


  1. Your sculptures look amazing Doug and it sounds as though you had a great weekend.

  2. Good for you Doug! Your work sure looks good in that gallery and it goes without saying that you rocked that hat! ;?)

  3. Livin' the dream. I know you had a blast. Congrats Doug.

  4. Your work with sculptures are amazing, Doug!!

  5. Congratulations. What a fun weekend for you. Your sculptures are wonderful.

  6. Je me réjouis d'apprendre que votre démonstration ce soit bien déroulée... J'aperçois sur vos photos de merveilleuses pièces !.
    Gros bisous à vous