Saturday, April 20, 2013

Two Weeks of Bluebonnets

Blue Sky and Bluebonnets
oil on canvas
    Last Sunday, Kent Brewer and I went down to Ennis to look for bluebonnets to paint and to scout for a place to paint this weekend. We drove around quite a bit looking for a place. They are really thick along the roads and highways, but finding a place where you can safely pull over and get some distance from them was not so easy.
Kent painting on Liska Rd.
     We finally found a place along Liska Road. I reworked the painting from Glen Rose since the scene had the same elements of cedar trees and bluebonnets. Then started a second painting. I've still got to rework it before posting.
Me painting on Liska Rd
     It was a really pleasant place to paint. After we finished we continued looking for a place for our group to paint out, as nice as this place was there wasn't enough room for a large group. We found a Corp of Engineers Park on Lake Bardwell called Love Park. It had wildflowers, places to park, and clean restrooms. We decided this place would work well. So we headed to our houses. Later during the week I started calling, texting and emailing my friends to come paint there on Saturday.
Part of my gardens.
     The bluebonnets have been really pretty this year as are the flowers in my garden. I always am thinking that I'll have to paint my garden but I never get around to it. So I took more photos and today, Saturday, we all went down to Ennis to paint.
The view I chose to paint.
    It was a beautiful day. Sunny and warm with a pleasant breeze. I had a nice drive down, a little over an hour from my home, until I stopped for an iced tea and realized  that I'd left my wallet  with all my money, driver's license, and credit cards at home. Luckily I brought my lunch.

Some of my friends painting.
     We had a really good group today of about 20 including my friends Kent Brewer, Candy Clynch, T.K. Riddle, Olivette Hubler, Hai Chi Lee, David Trip, Chris Toplyn, Dan Spangler and his wife, Sheri Jones and her husband, Nancy Bozeman, Trish Wise, Tina Bohlman, and artists from the Trinity Arts Guild, Texas Artists Coalition, and the Ellis County Art Association.

Some more of my friends painting
 There were two large fields of bluebonnets that most of us painted near. Some of our group used watercolors, some used oils, some used pastels, and others used acrylics. Many of the artists finished more than one painting. We were there from around 9:00 to 4:30, so a full day.

David and Chris, two of our watercolorists.
 Sheri and her husband B.J. drove their antique truck down for the group to paint. Some really great paintings were created of the  truck surrounded by wildflowers and mesquite trees.

Sheri and her husband brought down his restored old truck for our group to paint.
 After we had had enough painting, many of us  went to dinner in Waxahachie at the Tuscan Slice. It was a super day, spending it outside with friends and then going to dinner together. Special thanks to my friends Kent and T.K.,  who loaned me money for dinner and for gas to make it home.

Kent and Olivette painting.


  1. Un très agréable reportage... Il accompagne de fort belles photos qui resteront de merveilleux souvenirs.
    J'aime beaucoup celle de votre oeuvre.
    Quel délicieux moment de partage vous avez eu.
    J'ai pu peindre pour la première fois à l'extérieur jeudi dernier. Les températures étaient dignes d'un mois de juin. Pas de vent et une lumière extraordinaire.
    Seulement, dès le lendemain, Demoiselle Printemps faisait des caprices et avait invité Dame Hiver. De 27°C les températures sont descendues à 2°C avec des chutes de neige, plus de 10 cm qui ne tiendront pas, mais grrrrrrr! désolant. Nous n'avons jamais eu de neige à cette époque de l'année !
    Vous me demandiez si je vivais à Lyon. Je réside à L'Etrat, une petite ville située près de Saint-Etienne dans la Loire et qui se trouve à environ 30 minutes de route de Lyon.
    Je suis à Lyon toutes les semaines...
    C'est vraiment une très belle ville.
    Gros bisous à vous et continuez à me faire vibrer avec vos peintures et profitez de la joie que vous avez de peindre avec votre groupe d'amis.

  2. This painting says it all. Very nice.