Sunday, May 19, 2013

Demos, Plein Air, and Things to Come

Sheri and I at the Dutch Art Gallery
   Last Saturday, May 11th, Sheri Jones and I both did demos for the Dutch Art Gallery in Dallas. It was a very nice day. I sculpted a bison and Sheri painted a large landscape.
   Yesterday, Saturday, May 18th, I went to the Paint the Glen  paint out in Glen Rose. I didn't paint for any length of time because one of my nephews received a baseball award and I wanted to go to the ceremony. My friends Olivete Hubbler, and Sheri Jones both won awards.

Westridge Roses
8 x 10
oil on canvas
   Today, I participated in Historic Fort Worth's Hidden Gardens tour. I along with eight of my friends, Kent Brewer, Carol Ivey, Olivete Hubbler, David Tripp, Sheri Jones, Sharon Chastain, Steve Miller, and Leslie Talty painted in four gardens in my neighborhood, Ridglea Hills. We had a great day with wonderful weather and nice breezes.


View in the garden.
 Kent, Carol, and I painted in a 5 acre garden at 4900 Westridge Road. This garden belonged to 12 Spanish style homes of white brick and orange tile roofs. There were multiple ponds, pools, streams, and fountains with swans and ducks.

A swan by one of the ponds.
 The garden felt like a resort full of masses of roses and other flowers and greenery with paths and walkways winding throughout. This had once been the home and sculpture garden of a Texas oil man. He had an incredible collection including works by Modigliani and other artists. The art is gone and there are twelve houses instead of one but it is still a magnificent place.

Chandor Koi
trio- 5 x 5
oil on canvas
 I painted from 12:00 to 6:00. I also brought some other paintings. I sold the three 5 x 5 koi paintings above that I painted at Chandor Gardens a few weeks ago.

Fountains in the Garden
  The day passed quickly, as days in beautiful places do. I painted one painting (Westridge Roses) and started a second, which I have not finished yet. This was a busy weekend but I enjoyed it all.
   Paint Historic Waxahachie is coming up soon and in July I will have a two artist show with Ann Hardy at the Palace Arts Center in Grapevine Texas. The show will feature new works by both of us. I have a lot of painting to do to get ready for this.

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  1. Sounds like you have been very busy Doug, you go to some beautiful places and produce some great work. I'm not really keen on painting outdoors, probably because we don't get many suitable days to sit out.
    I managed to get a few ideas yesterday and did a couple of quick sketches, but it was overcast and grey and looks like being the same today. The forecast is for it to get colder again and stay much the same for the rest of the month...wonderful!