Saturday, July 23, 2011

Another trip to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens.

The view I chose to paint today.

Cecilia Robertson, Tom Kellie, and I painting near the large pond.

Cecilia, Tom, and Leslie Talty painting.

The painting I began today on my patio, where I worked on it some more this evening.

My finches on the patio. I like to hear them sing as I paint.

My pet dove on the  patio.
Today was a great day for painting. I went to the Botanical Gardens to paint at about 7:15 and was joined by 12 friends, Allen Riddell, David Tripp, Chris Toplyn, Cecilia Robertson, Tom Kellie, Leslie Talty, Chase Almond, Candy Clynch, Blair Curren, Ted Clemens, Tosca Engish, and Hai Chi. The temperature was great, we had shade and a great breeze. Most of us painted until 11:00. Several finished their paintings but I didn't even get halfway on mine. After we finished many of us went out to eat lunch at the Swiss Pastry Shop. We had their famous Black Forest Cake for dessert.
I worked on my painting on my patio a bit more this evening. I really enjoy the light when I work outside. I have some finches and a dove that I keep on my patio and I really enjoy hearing them sing and coo as I work. The environment I work in is very important to me.


  1. Doug, it's so nice to see your paintings and where you paint. I love that your birds are part of your work. Have you ever painted one of them or used them as a model for your sculpture?

    Keep up the great work, friend!!

  2. Thank you Linda. I actually bought the dove to sculpt, but I haven't done so yet.

  3. I like the pictures from Botanical gardens and photos of your backyard studio. Have paint box and can paint anywhere!

  4. Thank you for sharing your day. Your best blog ever!

  5. Your day at the botanical gardens, then lunch sounds delightful!

  6. Thank you all, the best thing about art, other than creating it is sharing the experience of creating it with great friends.

  7. It does sound like a marvelous day. I love your birds. Doves are one of my favorite species. Plein air, friends and a breeze... what could be better!

  8. I have a pet dove too!! Looks like a great painting day!

    Janice warriner