Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Where do you paint? Two photos of my sculpture and painting studio.

         The table where I sit and sculpt or paint. Here it is covered
         with completed paintings, stacked up, and sculptures in progress.

My easel where I sometimes work on larger paintings.
    Recently Valerie Pirlot posted images of her studio on her blog. Her paintings are beautiful and I thought it was very interesting seeing where she paints. It is always a treat for me to visit the studios of friends. I really like seeing collections of their paintings all together, as well as their collections of art by other artists.
    Another thing I enjoy is seeing recreations of famous artists studios in museums. I think it gives you more information on the artist when you see the area where they worked and what they chose to surround themselves with.
    This is my studio, but to be honest I don't work in it all that often. Most of  my painting, even when it is in the 100s like now, is done outdoors.When I don't finish a piece I often work on my covered patio. I guess I should have included an image of it. I do keep an easel there. I have a dove and some finches and I like to hear them sing as I work there. Most of my sculptures are started in front of live animals for reference. However ,when I work indoors at home this is my designated place. It could have more space ,but by moving things around a bit it works just fine. I'd love to see pictures of other artists studios.


  1. Tout comme vous j'aime visiter les ateliers d'artiste... Le mien n'est pas très spacieux, mais je m'y sens bien... Pourtant parfois, j'aimerais pour un meilleur recul et une meilleure appréciation qu'il soit plus grand. En hiver il est plus délicat de mettre la toile dehors pour avoir de l'éloignement!!! Mais bon, je suis heureuse d'avoir mon coin à moi...
    Prochainement, je mettrai quelques photos de mon atelier sur mon blog...
    Merci de nous faire partager votre lieu de création...
    Gros bisous et merci aussi pour votre gentil commentaire.

  2. Hi Douglas,
    Good to see your studio and thanks for the mention;) It seems you are surrounded by plenty of objects that all must have a story and I suppose that contributes to your inspiration. Since you are working outside most of the time I'm looking forward to seeing more of your outside settings.

  3. It is so interesting to see another Artists' working space. Yours look so beautifully organized. I always worked on my dining room table where I had to move things around at dinner time. When Dad passed away, his room became my studio where I kept his paintings in view as well. I'm still organizing but it does make a difference when you have "your own space". Thank you for sharing this.