Sunday, September 11, 2011

Art in the Garden Show

Southwest Garden
8 x 10
0il on canvas
    This Saturday was Fall Gallery Night in Fort Worth. I participated in Art in the Garden at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. This was the fourth annual show and more people than ever attended. I sold my painting pretty early in the evening.
     I believe this was the best show ever as far as quality. Many of my friends that I paint with were represented in this show including Sheri Jones, Ann Hardy, Olivette Hubler, Beatriz Welch, Darnell Jones, Chase Almond, Carol Ivey, and Jan Bateman. I always enjoy seeing everyone's work together especially when they are similar in subject. It is really great seeing how differently each artist interprets a scene or subject.
Here is my painting and Beatriz's painting.

Here are paintings by Ann, Darnell, two by Olivette, and Jan.

View from the gardens.

More lilies.


  1. Nice post Doug! Well done on selling your painting on the day and really enjoyed looking at your work and the others hanged together. Your big gold frame really suits your work well. I also like very much the tree painting - bottom right of the second picture. What is the full name of the artist? I wish we had some events like these here in England where you can hang and sell your work on the day...

  2. We painted these and many others together but not on the day of the show. We do have some events, actually several, like that here in Texas and they are a great deal of fun. The trees were painted by my friend Jan Bateman. She lives in the town of Weatherford, west of Fort Worth.