Saturday, October 22, 2011

New longhorn sculpture

Mother and Child
12 x 9.5 x 8
bronze on granite
This is my newest sculpture, a longhorn cow with a calf. I haven't settled on my title yet.  I just got it back from the foundry this week. This is my first sculpture with multiple figures on one  base.  I  worked on it from life at the Fort Worth Stockyards and from photos I took of the longhorns at the Fort Worth Stock Show. I spent over two years working on it before deciding that I was pleased  with it and ready to cast. I work on a piece, set it aside, and then come back to it over and over to try and keep looking at it with fresh eyes. I make lots of changes as I work. One of the things I've found is that once I change one thing I wind up having to change many other things so that the sculpture continues to work as an entire piece. I'm always so excited to see each piece as it is completed and equally eager to show them to family and friends to get their opinions.


  1. How exciting to finally have the finished sculpture that you have worked on for 2 years. It must be better than Christmas morning. I love the mother and calf - lovely. Thanks for your greeting, yes its good to be back painting Texas.

  2. Doug, this is jawdroppingly awesome. I love the nubby texture you get on the hide. All that time it took to get it just right - it shows.

  3. Great work Douglas. It's very sweet the have the the family together and they are beautifully sculpted. You must be very pleased with it. I like the shadow it's casting on the wall!

  4. Wow! Worth the 2 years!! Beautiful, Doug!!

  5. It is so exciting to see it finished. It turned out great. I do like the texture in the grasses. It shows great movement.

  6. Thank you all very much. I really do like how it turned out. It is a bit like Christmas, because you may think you know what you are going to get, but you are never 100% sure. Each one is always a bit different from all the others in an edition.

  7. Yes Doug it is stunning! Great work. I think the broncos and horned frogs are getting ready fora good one.

  8. You should be soooo proud of this piece, Doug! It was worth the wait!! AMAZING

  9. Hi there Doug!... A grand sculpture capturing the vitality and form of your famous "Texas Longhorn" breed!

    Say!... You have your own fair share of historical subjects... fall colour and intriguing landscapes to paint!

    I'd sure love to wander down your way some day Pardner! Thanks for your visit and comments on my site!

    Good painting and Sculpting Doug!
    Warmest regards,