Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Blessings

Texas Spring
9 x 12
oil on panel
   At this time of year I like to think of all my blessings, and they are so numerous. Of course here I write about art, and even my art blessings are greater than I can count,.but I am going to write about a few.
   Today I went on a tour with ten of my painting friends of the Caravaggio exhibit at the Kimble Art Museum. This was my second tour of this exhibit given by my friend Beatriz Welch. She truly is a gifted teacher in the way she shares her knowledge. It was a wonderful and inspiring tour. Afterwards we had lunch at the restaurant there, which is always a great treat.
   Something else that I need to write about are the Christmas cards I have received. Many of my painter friends have their paintings made into cards. Receiving these cards is  one of the things that I truly look forward to each year. This year I got an amazing card. My friend Sheri Jones actually sent out original acrylic paintings on paper. I appreciate Sheri's art and am so honored to have received her card which is in itself such a wonderful gift.
   Another blessing I had began a few months back. I was contacted by the editor of a local very upscale magazine called Indulge. She wanted images of my sculptures for their holiday gift guide. She included my large longhorn bronze sculpture, Native Texan, and the small horned toad bronze sculpture, Horned Pride (miniature). The magazine came out a two weeks ago, and almost immediately the sales started coming in.
   Finally my greatest blessings are having time to paint and sculpt and most importantly all the great friends I have met through art.
   The painting  I posted today is one that I began as a plein air painting in the spring of 2009 and just completed this week. It had yellow and red wildflowers in it but I got out my reference photos and covered them with bluebonnets. I really like the new painting much better.


  1. It is a great time of year and its great to have friends too. Doug, this is a great piece, sir. Very nice perspective. May be one of my favorites of yours. It has a good sense of light. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  2. What a beautiful bluebonnet painting. It has great distance and the colors really pop. Nice job.
    Thanks for your kind words. I'm glad you appreciate the card!

  3. Doug,

    Nice work! What are those blue flowers? I have seen lots of Texas artist paint them...they are really cool. Your Horned Frogs pulled it out the other night. I think Pachall may end up being better then Dalton.

  4. Thanks Doug, Merry Christmas!
    hmmm, I don't see my previous comment on here. I left a comment the other day about the blue flowers. I wonder if my blog is acting up again.

  5. Beautiful atmosphere and composition!