Sunday, December 11, 2011

Merry Christmas

Me and Scout (my chocolate lab) on my front porch
 I want to wish all of my art blog friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. As this year comes to a close I can not help but think how blessed I am and wish that all my friends can feel as blessed. We are having some cool weather and I really appreciate it this time of year, of course after December 26th I am ready for spring weather again, and of course a lot of the time we get it here in Fort Worth,
My house lit up for the Holidays
 But despite the cool weather we have been having I have managed to go out and paint a bit and although it is getting quite late in the season there is still a lot of fall color out there waiting to be painted. The painting below is actually one I began around Thanksgiving as I was getting over Pneumonia. I'd seen this tree in the botanical gardens and it was so beautiful. I knew it wouldn't wait for me. So the first time I felt at all up to it I headed out and got an hour's painting in and a photo  so I could finish it later, which I did  last week.

Autumn Gold
8 x 10
oil on canvas


  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and Scout!! You both look great in front of your very festive house!

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy and Healthy New Year to you and your family, Doug!!! I love how you decorated your beautiful home and love that picture of you and Scout!

  3. Merry Xmas to you and Scout!! I love the decorations! That is so american!! Your golden autumn tree is a little bit of hope for this stormy grey cold day starting in England...

  4. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year : )

  5. Merry Christmas to you all and wishing you a wonderful year of art in 2012.

  6. Merry Christmas Douglas, great photos and lovely paintings.

  7. Your golden tree is beautiful. I'm so glad you captured it before it was gone.
    Merry Christmas to you. Hope next year will have many happy days of painting and scuplting for you.

  8. Looks like the tree is glowing with light Douglas, well done. I also really like your sculptures. Happy holidays! Erik