Sunday, March 11, 2012

Painting in Waxahachie

Illinois Central Gulf Caboose
painting in progress
   This weekend I had a paintout down at Waxahachie. Of course it would be cold and raining. The paintout was at the old train depot which has been restored and looks great. Tina Bohlman organized the event and did a great job as always. Despite the rain we had areas to paint, but the result was we were under the awnings at the depot, so we had to paint what we could see, thus there were lots of caboose paintings.
Kent with a cup of coffee and my painting.
   I painted on the side of the depot next to my friend and Waxahachie  resident Kent Brewer. Steve Miller another friend of mine painted a bit further down, and Tina and some other artists painted in their vehicles. There were a lot of people at the depot to see the new caboose and the restored station, as well as attend a model train show.
Kent painting next to my easel.
   I enjoyed the day despite the weather. A lot of us walked up the hill in the rain to the Dove's Nest for lunch, (nobody wanted to lose their parking spot). If you go to Waxahachie that is one of the places you need to eat at. The food is great and so are the desserts. After lunch I came back and painted some more. My painting is not finished yet, and it is not my subject matter, but I enjoyed doing it.
The Caboose


  1. I think you did a very nice job Douglas, despite the fact that it was bad weather and it wasn't your favorite subject matter. Nice to see the scene along the setup as well.

  2. wow, looks super fun! and great turn out!!

  3. Great start on the caboose! You are most definately NOT a fair weather painter. Sounds like fun group and a good day. Nothing beats it, right?

  4. Great job on the caboose. It looks like you guys made the most of a rainy day.