Sunday, May 6, 2012

Plein Air, French Impressionists, Jaguars, and Horses

Me painting in plein air at Tandy Hills, in east Fort Worth.
    I have had a lot of things going on. Spring continues to be beautiful. The bluebonnets are gone but the Indian Blankets are out in full force now, so plenty of painting opportunities. I have been out painting whenever I get the chance. The temperatures have been great and it hasn't been terribly windy, which I am grateful for. Some of my favorite places have been the Botanical Gardens and Tandy Hills Park.
The beautiful hills and wildflowers at Tandy Hills.

    In addition to painting in Plein Air I have been really enjoying the Impressionist exhibit at the Kimble Art Museum. This exhibit has over 70 paintings. There is a large group of Renoirs as well as paintings by the other great  French Impressionists and artists from other countries including Belgium, Italy, and the USA. My friend Beatriz Welch gave us a tour of it recently, and it was a wonderful experience.

My Arabian Horse Sculpture.
Arabian horse at my friend Sabine's.

  I finally finished my Arabian  Horse sculpture. The final step was going down to the farm where my friend Sabine lives to get her critique. She has two horses, but not Arabians, however there are several very nice ones on the ranch so we had plenty to look at. It was really valuable having an expert look at it for me. I am learning a lot about horses but still have a lot to learn.  I made a few changes and then took it to the foundry. It should be ready in a few weeks.

Me sculpting a jaguar in the Fort Worth Zoo.

    I have been going out to the Fort Worth Zoo which has been a challenge because the nice weather has really been bringing out the crowds. I started a smaller jaguar in the winter and decided  that I was really enjoying it and wanted to make a larger version. This one is going fairly fast. I still have a long way to go but I'm looking  forward to finishing it and having it cast.

My jaguar sculpture as a work in progress.

   People are always so nice and encouraging when I'm out sculpting. They always say things like " That looks really good" or " I could never do that." What is embarrasing is that they say that even when I'm just stating out and it looks like something a five year old would make. Oh well, I know that they mean well, and that's what counts.


  1. Great post Doug, nice to see you painting in plein air with this lush greens around you and I like the pictures at the zoo too. All the best. Valérie

  2. Hi Doug! Good to hear about your work this spring.... creative and busy! I've seen the exhibit at the Kimbell and it is fantastic. Across the street at the Amon Carter are 3 Sargents from the same exhibit (Clark Museum in Boston). Absolutely wonderful!!
    I'm looking forward to seeing your horse completely finished!

  3. Nice post Doug! First, the Texas hillside looks great right now....little jealous and I now know the blue flowers are called "bluebonnets". I have to paint those some day. Funny ending, I get the same thing painting...."boy, that looks great!" when I have just blocked the thing in....nothing like doing art in front of the masses.

  4. Your Arabian horse is so beautiful. I love all your sculptures...but this horse is wonderful.