Saturday, June 22, 2013

Painting In Heritage Village in Dallas

The Renner School House
8 x 10
oil on canvas
 This morning I went to Heritage Village in Dallas to paint with my friends T.K., Kent, Olivette, and  Jeff. We got there early and had the park to ourselves as well as super temperatures, and plenty of shade.
The Renner School House
 I chose to paint the old Renner school building. This is a two story building, The younger children were taught on the lower floor and the older students were taught on the second floor. I liked the combination of the old building with the Dallas skyline in the background.
Kent painting
 Kent and Jeff both painted the same building. T.K. painted a vegetable garden . Olivette painted two very nice paintings. One was of a house with a buckboard wagon. The other was an old church.
The Millermore Plantation
 There are many really interesting buildings in the park. One of the neatest ones is the Millermore plantation home. It was built in 1855 by the Miller family and their slaves. (The chairs are set up in front of it for a wedding later in the evening.)
The Parlor at Millermore
  This house was fully furnished. It also had its barn, outhouse and other out buildings as well as a herb garden.
Log Cabin
 There were also several log cabins on the property. This one had two rooms downstairs and a loft upstairs. It had only one window.
Interior of the log cabin.
 Inside the cabin it was fairly dark with very little in the way of furniture.
One of the docents with the two donkeys Nip and Tuck
 One of the docents washed the parks two donkeys Nip and Tuck so they could pull the carriage for the wedding party in the evening. The donkeys were half  brothers, around 14 years old, and very gentle.

Dog Trot Cabin
Another neat building was the dog trot cabin. It had a lot of out buildings, a vegetable garden, and also a blacksmith's shop.
Sheep behind the dog trot cabin.
There were sheep behind the dog trot as well as chickens. Several of the houses had hen houses behind them with chickens. In fact the morning was filled with the crowing of roosters and the braying of the donkeys.

The old train station.
 Besides the houses and their outbuildings there is an old town with brick streets.

The old bank.

 The bank is one of the  nicest looking buildings in the park. There are several other old buildings on the main street of town including a general store. There was also a  livery stable, church , and the Worth Hotel.

The Worth Hotel
After we painted we went to  eat lunch  at the Angry Dog in Deep Ellum and then went to the Dallas Farmers' Market. I bought two cacti for  my garden there


  1. Bonjour,

    J'ai l'impression en visitant aujourd'hui votre blog d'avoir passé une journée avec vous.
    Vos photos sont magnifiques et le lieu magique.
    J'ai beaucoup aimé la photo de la gare également. Elle pourrait être une maison normande.
    L'atmosphère devait être exquise avec la présence de vous tous peignant...
    J'aime beaucoup le contraste dans votre peinture des bâtiments modernes avec cette très jolie ancienne maison.
    Les nuances de couleurs parfaites.

    Gros bisous à vous et merci pour votre très gentil message. Bon weekend.

  2. What a wonderful post, Doug. I feel like you took me along. I LOVE your painting of the Renner School house.!!! and these pictures are excellent. I especially love the log cabin..I enjoyed seeing the interior.

  3. I love your painting Doug! What an amazing place with so many things to paint. Sounds like a spot to return to again and again.I'd like to paint that log cabin.