Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hot Morning in the Garden

Hot Summer Morning
oil on canvas panel
8 x 10
  I went to paint in the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens this morning. It started out hot and it only got hotter. Of course the fact that I set up in a place that was in full sun after about 45 minutes did not help.
T. K. and Olivette painting.
  I met with my friends T. K. Riddle, Olivette Hubler, and Dan Spangler . The three of them all set up in the shade. The gardens are looking pretty good. We were in the perennial garden. There were plenty of blooms, butterflies, and lots of really colorful dragon flies.
Me painting, while I still had shade.
  I had to leave early, I forgot to leave money for my cleaning lady. They kept painting while I ran home to pay her. Then I met them for lunch afterwards, at the Swiss Pastry Shop, where we often eat after painting
. A special thanks to T. K. who sent me some of these photos.
Olivette and Dan looking at his painting.


  1. This lovely painting has a lot of charm. Enjoyed your photos as well.

  2. Hi Douglas,

    What a charming painting indeed and love the photos. What a treat to visit your blog. Thank you for sharing. Isn't wonderful painting plein air, that's all I want to do lately. Stay cool.

    All the best to you,

  3. Nice colorful painting of the gardens. You always seem to find inspiration there. I love seeing the photos of everyone painting.