Thursday, June 21, 2012

Painting in Prison

Old  Outbuilding
8 x 10
oil on canvas panel
Today I went down to paint in Waxahachie with my friends Kent Brewer, who lives there, and Olivette Hubler who lives in Dallas. We decided to go paint at the old Ellis County Prison Work Farm. In the old days, the prisoners were taken out to the farm to work and I believe they were housed there. Today the old buildings are in ruins. I know there is a big new jail in town where the prisoners have television, air conditioning, and basketball courts. I think working on the farm would probably be more of a deterrent for repeat offenders.
The building I painted from the cell.
After looking around I decided to set up in one of the cells looking out at one of the outbuildings. I don't know how long the buildings have been abandoned, most have only the foundations left. I think I would not have felt very comfortable being there, if I had been there by myself. It had the look of a place that horror movies could have been filmed in.
Me painting in the cell.
The good thing about painting where I was, was that I was in the shade, the thick walls had kept it fairly cool and the insects other than a few flies were not too bad.
Me painting in the cell, I thought it interesting that the windows were so large.
 Both Kent and Olivette painted outside views of the prison. Both created interesting paintings of the abandoned buildings.
Kent painting the prison.


  1. Nice shadows on the building. It great of
    you to include photos of where you painted.

  2. A fascinating post...and I really like the way you captured this place.