Thursday, June 14, 2012

Concho, (Indian Bust) - in progress

Concho, work in progress
Side View

The Model in Profile
 Today I worked on trying to make my sculpture look somewhat more like the model, Connie. I focused on the profile today. I was fairly satisfied with how this part of the sculpture is going. Of course the difference in his hair makes a huge difference. It is more of a challenge working from photographic reference than from life, and a lot less fun.

Concho, work in progress
Frontal View

The Model facing forward
The front view still looks very different from the model, To be honest I have not decided how closely I want the sculpture to look like Connie. I wanted it to look a little older and like he has had a harder life than the model and to an extent I think I achieved that (the eyes look a bit older and the nose a bit wider), but now I am also feeling a desire to face the challenge of  trying to make it resemble the model more. I will have to decide pretty soon which way I'm going to do it.

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