Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Botanic Gardens and Views West of Fort Worth

  Yesterday, Monday I painted in the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens. I finished the painting shown above and started another. T. K. Riddle, and Tosca and Allen Engish were in the gardens this morning too. The temperature was great starting out, but it was getting hot by the time we left.
   In the afternoon I drove out to Graham to the Old Post Office Museum to pick up some sculptures that I had in a show there as well as some paintings for my friends Sheri Jones and Blair Currin. I passed through some really beautiful country. There were several areas that I think will make great places to paint in the future. It really is pretty neat how varied this region is just a short drive to the west.
Today I went to life drawing at the Fort Worth Community Art Center in the morning. We had a great model. After drawing seven of us walked to the Kimble Art Museum for lunch. The Kimble is one of my favorite places to have lunch and after lunch I bought a few art  books in the gift shop at 80% off.

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