Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Horned Toad with Football , One of my Dad's Paintings, and Two Outings.

Horned Football
Edition of 75
 This is my newest sculpture. It is a horned toad with a football. My college mascot at TCU was the Horned Frog and it is time for college football. Go Frogs!
One of my Dad's Landscapes
 In my last post I showed some of my dad's portraits. As I said he is a landscape painter. This is a painting that he did from a photograph I took of an old house between Marble Falls and Burnett. What I like about this house is that you can tell how it has been added on to over the years. Of course nothing says Texas landscape like bluebonnets.

Lesly painting in the gardens
On Sunday some of us went to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens to paint. Our group consisted of Cecelia Robertson, Hai Chi Lee, Tosca Engish, Lesly Talty, and Linnea. We have been blessed with great weather recently. It was nice and cool while we painted. I did not finish my painting, but I got A good start.
The Rose of Sharron we got cuttings from.
There were lots of interesting blooms in the garden as well as rare plants. One of the gardeners gave us some cuttings to root of  an  unusual Rose of Sharron and a hardy hibiscus. The Rose of Sharron had white and pale green foliage and pale pink blooms. The hibiscus had kind of variegated purple flowers.  I've got mine in water and hope that roots will grow.

Blair, T.K., and Robbie sitting around the table where we had lunch.
The Saturday before, several of  us went to Mr McWatters in Weatherford to buy frames. He has nice frames at great prices. I bought several for my paintings that will be in the Preservation is the Art of the City Show. After that T.K. Riddle, Blair Currin, and Robbie Clemmer went out to Chandor Gardens in Weatherford. The weather was just great, nice and cool, until it started to rain.

Another beautiful view in the garden.

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