Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dedication of the Phyllis Tilley Memorial Bridge

Phyllis Tilley Memorial Bridge
8 x 10
oil on canvas
This morning I, along with four other artists, went down to Trinity Park for the dedication of the Phyllis Tilley Memorial Bridge.   This is the first bridge for pedestrians and bicyclists to  have to cross the river. The other artists present were Carol Ivey, Cecilia Robertson, Blair Currin, and Linda Reedy. Almost as soon as I arrived it began to rain. So we found places to paint out of the weather and then enjoyed the cool temps and soft light.

The view of the bridge I chose to paint.

My painting on the easel with the view in the background.
Me painting my first painting of the day.

Me sitting under a tent painting.

The rain softened the light and colors and made it really a fun view to paint. Deborah Ferguson from channel 5 news  was the master of ceremonies of the event. Fort Worth's  mayor, Betsy Price, The engineers, architects, and many of the council men were present. They gathered on the far side of the Trinity River to begin the dedication ceremony.

Linda  Reedy in the red hat and Cecilia Robertson in the light colored hat.

The mayor's party  crossing the bridge to the sound of  "When The Saints Go Marching In".

Mayor Betsy Price making a speech.
Then while we  continued to paint, the crowd on our side gathered at the end of the bridge to greet the mayor's party as they crossed the bridge for the ribbon cutting. When they reached the end the crowd released blue and green balloons into the air. Then the mayor and other members of the delegation spoke, including the family of Phyllis Tilley, the Woman the Bridge was named for. Phyllis had been a real promoter of the land along the Trinity River. After the speeches we turned in our paintings. Linda and I both sold ours. Mine was purchased by Phyllis's daughter.

My second painting of the day after the light changed.
Opening Day of the Phyllis Tilley Bridge
8 x 10
oil on canvas
My friends left after that, but I stayed and painted a second painting in the sunlight. There were air boat rides, craft booths, and catered lunches to be eaten under the tents while a variety of musical groups performed. I finished my second painting as the event ended. Streams and Valleys the group that sponsored the event will be selling the unsold paintings on their website. I think my second painting was sold also, but I am not positive.
A group from the Fort Worth rowing club.

Two air boats that were giving rides on the Trinity River


  1. Sounds like a perfect day, Doug!!! The weather certainly didn't interfere with painting this wonderful piece...I love the buildings in the background ...and I'm glad you shared the photos with us....

  2. Nice paintings, Doug! The bridge must have been difficult to get the perspective correct. I'm impressed! Congratulations on your sale! And thanks for sharing all your photos!

  3. Being outdoors, painting, making money, yes sir that is a good day indeed.