Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Autumn Evening

    I  recently finished this painting. I began it last fall up the road from where my friend Claudia Davis lives. It was so nice to go back and work on a painting from cooler days. I think all of us are ready for fall weather here in Texas.Last night the lowest the temperature got was 86 and I think our high was 111.
    I drove down to Waxahachie on Monday to see a demo my friend Steve Miller was doing for the Ellis County Art Association. I usually enjoy the drive out to the surrounding towns. At one point on the road south I saw some foliage that looked like it was turning colors. For just a second I thought of fall  but then I realized that the trees were dieing. It is amazing how the grasses and foliage look so dead across this region. We truly need rain very badly.

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  1. Love this Doug!! The weather has been so hot all over that this is a beautiful scene. Love the Autumn colors and the light. Great job!