Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Texas horned toad bronze sculpture, Horned Victory

Horned Victory
bronze on granite
9 x 4 x 3.5

     This is a new version of my Horned Pride sculpture. I individually sculpt each rose and  have it cast and attached to the horned toad sculpture. Thus, each new sculpture is a unique piece. I call this new sculpture Horned Victory. This sculpture commemorates TCU's 2011 Rose Bowl Victory. This sculpture is only available at The Varsity at 3515 Bluebonnet Circle, in Fort Worth.
     I have been doing quite a bit of sculpting this week in my studio. First I have been working on the roses for Horned Victory and second on the longhorn cow and calf that I  began over two years ago. I am very much looking forward to the completion of this sculpture. In fact I worked on it last night until after !!:00. It will be the first sculpture that has two figures on one base,


  1. Love horned pride. This sculpture is awesome ..especially with the colorful rose!! Love it.

  2. This is really cool and a nice addition to the horned toad. I'm sure you will sell out.