Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My 101st post

Tip Toe Through The Garden
5 x 7
oil on canvas panel
This weekend I went to paint in the Dallas Arboretum with my friend Olivette Hubler. I did this painting fairly quickly, then we had lunch and both started a second painting. It was a really hot day and an orange level pollution day but the gardens were beautiful and a treat to be in.

Lush flowerbeds surrounding a broad lawn.
The gardens in Dallas are on a former private estate on the shore of White Rock Lake. I was really impressed by all the blooms and the lushness of the gardens,
Part of the house from the original estate.
 This is the front of the home that sits in the middle of the gardens. I think it is sometimes opened for tours but wasn't today. There is a restaurant on the back side of this house.

Water lilies in the garden.
 The gardens are full of all sorts of water features in addition to being right near the lake. There are streams, fountains and pools. The sound of splashing water make you feel cooler even on a very hot day.
More flower beds.

A large pool on the edge of the lake.

A frog sculpture in the Arboretum.
 The gardens have many large sculptures in them that sometimes add a bit of whimsy and/or beauty. This is one of four large frogs shooting water at a ball. People are allowed to get in the water to cool off.
Beautiful crape myrtles.

Outdoor seating at the restaurant.
I had never been to the Arboretum but I will be sure to go back. There were so many things worth painting. 


  1. I enjoyed looking through your blog Douglas. I am so far behind in everything. You have done lots of nice paintings through out the steaming Texas summer. I had a son graduate from SMU a year ago and wish I had gotten out to White Rock Lake while visiting. Looks beautiful.
    Good luck with the painting and sculpting! And heat.

  2. Nice painting, Doug! I like the title, too! Thanks for all the photos. It's always fun to see other places.

    Enjoyed painting with you the other day! Hope to do it again SOON!

  3. Nice painting and photos of the gardens in Dallas. It looks like a very inspiring location.