Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lilies and More Lilies

Botanical Gardens Lilies
11 x 14
oil on Ampersand panel
I painted out twice this weekend, yesterday at the Arboretum in Dallas and today at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens. I went to the Dallas Arboretum with my friends to paint on Saturday. I met Olivette Hubler, Sheri Jones, Hai Chi Lee, Chris Toplyn, and some of the Dallas artists that we never met up with;  it is a big place. Our group painted near a series of pools with water lilies. when we got there only one lily was open by the time we left. There were pink, pale yellow, white, and purple lilies blooming.
Arboretum Lilies
5 x 7o
il on canvas panel
 I was really inspired by the brushwork of Olivette and the palete knife work of Sheri.I am trying to get a more impressionistic style with looser brushwork. It was very hot yesterday, 107, but we hung in there and painted from about 9:00 to 12:00 or so. Then Olivette, Hai Chi and I had lunch at the restaurant in the gardens. We ate outside but in the shade so it wasn't too bad, plus we had plenty of iced tea.
Chris and Hai Chi at the lily pond at the Arboretum.
 After painting at the Arboretum I was inspired to try painting some more water lilies so this morning at 10:30 I went to the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens. It was 107 again today and I was in  full sun but I was able to paint for three hours. I did the painting at the top of this blog.
Lilies with green and purple pads.

The big lily pond at the Arboretum.

Olivette and Chris painting lilies.

Sheri painting lilies, I believe she finished three paintings.


  1. Nice one Douglas! In specially like the first one - it is a looser style indeed and has great colour harmony and is almost a bit abstract. I think it would look great framed.

  2. Doug, you are a hardy soul for being out in this heat! I admire that!

    Your paintings are lovely and as Valerie said there is an abstract quality to it. Well done, my friend!!

  3. Beautiful painting, Doug..and love the pictures as well. I love lilies..I had them in my Koi pond but my Koi's love them more...they destroyed them before they flowered. I as well as Linda, admire you for painting in this heat..yet, you all look so cool painting!!