Thursday, January 12, 2012

Color at the End of Fall.

Warm Colors of Fall
8 x 10
oil on canvas
Here is a painting that I began in early December, still fall, in the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens. Then I decided to go back in and try loosening  up my brushwork. I think I like it better now. It sure has a different feel to it.
 I love the colors of fall and of course in Texas fall comes late, and sometimes hardly at all. There is something so special to me when the weather first starts to change. But tonight it is COLD and I'm sitting in front of the fire in my den with one of my dogs curled up beside me and I'm thinking I wouldn't mind some warmer weather.


  1. I would add some darks to the lower branches or depending on the direction of the sun. Otherwise, I love your strokes and composition.

  2. This Fall painting is beautiful, Doug!! Those colors are gorgeous!! I love the path with those beautiful shadows..makes you wonder where the path leads.

  3. Great color and texture. Nice and loose.