Saturday, January 28, 2012

Outdoor Painters Society Grapevine Paintout

8 x 10
oil on canvas
Today was the Outdoor Painters Society's annual paintout in Grapevine, Texas. Grapevine is located just north of Fort Worth so it draws a good crowd of members from Fort worth and Dallas as well as the surrounding cities and towns. Of course it just figures that it would get cold again today, our coldest day this week in fact. But luckily Randy Saffle, our member from Grapevine thought of everything.
Me painting my still life.
 Randy and his wife set up four still lifes as well as arranging to have two models to paint. They were so organized that they set up the still lifes the day before and photographed them so that this morning they were able to quickly set up the still lifes before everyone arrived. Of course several artists braved the cold and wind to paint out. But many of us took advantage of Randy's hard work and planning and started the morning indoors.
My easel set up beside Ann Hardy.
 About twenty of us set up indoors. I painted a group of onions and silver pitcher next to my wonderful friend Ann Hardy. It is always fun getting together to paint with friends and besides Randy and Ann many of mine were there today including Sheri Jones, Olivette Hubler, Sabine Higgins, Tina Bohlman, Steve Miller, Ted Clemens, Leslie Talty and probably many others that I never saw because we were scattered across the town.

My easel and Olivette with hers in front of the train station.
After our first paintings were completed indoors, many of us moved outdoors to paint. It was still cold and breezy but right outside our doors were several great places to paint. Olivette and I both painted the old train station. I haven't posted mine yet because I need to do some more work on it.
Olivette painting the old truck in front of the blacksmiths shop.
 Olivette moved down the parking lot and painted an old truck in front of the blacksmith shop. There is so much to paint here and if it was warmer I would have stayed to paint more but I was just to cold so after warming up by the blacksmiths forge I headed back home.
A great old truck that Randy had for us to paint.


  1. Great post Doug. I love seeing your photos of the area. Your painting really turned out great. Nice color.

  2. Thanks Doug, you are very kind. It was a great turnout with 30+ members attending. I saw many great paintings. I encourage everybody to come out and join this group. The members are very kind, talented and fun to be around. Yes,even Doug! ;?)
    Great photos!

  3. Thanks, Doug, for sharing this experience! Your photos and comments are always fun to see. Nice painting, too, and looking forward to seeing your other one!