Wednesday, January 11, 2012

To Be Continued

Winter Path
8 x 10
Oil on Canvas
 Here are two works in progress. The first is a painting that I began in the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens in plein air. It looked like one of my regular paintings. Then my friend Beatriz encouraged me to really loosen it up. I like the result a lot although it looks nothing like my regular work. I'll do a bit more with it but probably not much.
Black Bear
The second wip, (work in progress) is my plein air black  bear sculpture. I've been working on her at the Fort Worth Zoo. I read a book about Rodin recently. He often had his models pace or walk around his studio as he sketched or sculpted them. If it was good enough for Rodin it is good enough for me and the bear. Of course he had the advantage of being able to ask his models to stop or hold a pose so I am using some of my photographic reference material as I refine the sculpture. It has been a fun process and I look forward to casting it in bronze.


  1. I like the almost abstract look to the landscape. It has nice warm colors and blend nicely together. The bear is pretty cool too. Nice work Doug.

  2. Thanks Sheri, I like how our Texas winters can have so much color, even on gray days.

  3. Lovely work Douglas. I like your loose painting, it's soft and subtle and you should explore this style more in the future although you probably don't want to lose your original style either. Love the posture of the bear, you really nailed it. Well done.

  4. Doug, don't touch it. It is perfect as it is. I love this new style.

  5. Winter Path is so soft and beautiful, Doug!! The Bear! AWESOME! I wish I can see your work in person!