Friday, July 20, 2012

Buffalo, mustang, and a topiary cowboy.

Plains Thunder
work in progress
 I have not posted since last week but that does not mean that I have not been really busy with art.  I have sculpted, painted, received a new commission this week to sculpt a blue heron, . sold several pieces, and got into another show. I also went back up to Oklahoma City to see the Prix de West show with T.K. and Olivette. This was my third trip up, but it is a great show and we had a great time.
Mustang Pride
work in progress

This week I have sculpted on several pieces, including a running bison, a running mustang, a couple of Indian sculptures, and a block in on the blue heron. I really don't sculpt the human figure much so it has been fun working from a model to sculpt my Indians. Working from a good model makes all the difference.
 I didn't take a photo, but I took a new sculpture I did to the foundry this week. It's a horned frog with a football. Hopefully I will have it soon in bronze. This year TCU plays in the Big 12 so I sure want to have it ready by the start of the season.

Me painting the topiary cowboy
 One of my painting outings this week was with my friends Olivette Hubler, Steve Miller, T.K. Riddle, Hai Chi Lee, and Robbie Clemmer. We painted in downtown Fort Worth in the Sundance Square Area and around Bass Hall. We had a great time painting and then had lunch downtown before some of us went to life drawing at the Fort Worth Community Art Center.
Me painting on Main Street
 I wanted to do something that represented Fort Worth. I chose to do a painting of a topiary cowboy on a rearing horse. This sits on a corner of Main Street in front of a jewelry store. There is a topiary of a longhorn steer on the opposite corner.

Topiary Cowboy
8 x 10
oil on canvas
The show I found out that I got into this week is the Breckenridge show (Texas, not Colorado.) I'll have a sculpture in it. I have several shows coming up in September including  the Preservation is the Art of the City Show, where I will have about eight  paintings. On Sept. 8th ( I hope that is the right date), I will have sculptures and paintings at Teskies, (I hope that's spelled right) for Fall Gallery Night. I'll have two of my newest sculptures at the Insight Galleries fall show in Fredericksburg too.
The Tarrant County Courthouse in fort worth

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  1. Sounds like you've been so busy lately, Doug! I love your Buffalo WIP and look forward to see it finished...and of course, your mustang. Love your work and wish I can see them in person...good luck with your show ..I know it will be a success!!