Monday, July 2, 2012

Fort Worth Nature Center Painting, Chandor Gardens

Heading for Shade -  Fort Worth Nature Center
Work in Progress
24 x 20
oil on canvas
 This is a painting that I began last week at the Fort Worth Nature Center. I am working on it for the Preservation is the Art of the City Show in the fall. I went out to the nature center last week and found most of the bison as well as lots of deer taking advantage of the shade to escape the Texas heat. I hope to finish this in the next few days.
A neat view in Chandor gardens.
I went back to the Chandor Gardens in Weatherford to paint again today. I was joined by T. K. Riddle again and Dan Spangler. My painting from today is far from finished and until I finish the bison painting I won't be able to finish it, so I'm not posting it yet. Instead, I'd like to post some more images from  the gardens.
An Asian portal in the gardens.
It was an absolute blessing being out painting in the gardens today. The temperature was delightful. This was the sort of day that we can't really expect to see until late September. It was not a bit hot. It was a cloudy day, and it even sprinkled a bit on us as we had lunch. Speaking of lunch, it was great.  T. K. picked it up for us from the same place as last time.
A quiet pathway .

The gazebo.

One of the beautiful fountains in the gardens.

A peaceful spot.

A very photogenic  cadmium red dragonfly.

A small waterfall in the garden.

A blue dragonfly  near one of the streams.

A cicada shell on an agave leaf.

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  1. Je viens de faire une très agréable promenade dans ce parc grâce à vos merveilleuses photos... Un petit moment de repos sous ce délicieux kiosque doit être exquis...
    Les charmantes libellules que vous avez eu la chance de capturer dans votre objectif doivent être heureuses dans un tel environnement.
    J'ai hâte de voir votre prochaine peinture avec les bisons. Celle que j'admire aujourd'hui est très belle. On peut sentir la chaleur qui doit régner en observant ces superbes animaux regroupés à l'ombre des immenses arbres. Les couleurs sont aussi harmonieuses.

    Gros bisous.