Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Art Every Day

The Garden Child
8 x 10
oil on canvas
 I have not posted in a while, but I have been really busy creating art. I have a lot of paintings in progress but I'm posting one I finished on Saturday. I am also working on several sculptures, working on entering shows, and generally staying really busy.
Olivette and I painting at Chandor Gardens in Weatherford.
Today for example a group of us went out to Chandor Gardens in Weatherford  to paint. It really was not too hot, and it always seems about 10 degrees cooler or less in these gardens. We had a good group turn out to paint, Olivette Hubler, Steve Miller, Allen and Tosca Engish, Dan Spangler, Moira McCarthy, and Linnea (I don't remember her last name.) It was a great day for painting. We also had a great lunch catered by a local restaurant called the Wild Mushroom. It was served in the  room that served as the studio of Douglas Chandor. I sculpted later in the day.

One of Dennis's great landscapes.
Yesterday I went to the Art with Artists critique group. This is a super group that I go to in the summer. They meet once a month at one of the member's homes and have breakfast and then they bring their art to critique and share what they have been working on. This month the group met at Blair and Janelle Curren's home in Aledo.

Four of John's great still lifes

Not all the members were there this time. Those present were, Blair and his wife, a friend of theirs, John Cook, Dennis Farris, Beatriz Welsh, Darnell Jones, Nancy Boren and me. Blair and Janell fixed a great breakfast including fresh Parker County Peaches.

John getting ready to share a larger painting.

There was a lot of really great art to look at. One of the things that makes it so great is that they all have very different styles but they are all very talented. John Cook brought the most paintings, two large partings and four small ones. Nancy brought five, Dennis  brought three, I brought two paintings and a sculpture, and everyone else shared one painting. One of the topics was information on painting from old art books. Nancy told about one from England, that talked about how when an artist goes out to paint they should find a "rustic" to carry their materials when painting outdoors. Blair had a great old book  from his grandfather from the 1920s. It said that  to create a great painting took two artist, one to paint it, and one to "kill him" before he over painted it. This was the author's way of talking about the universal  problem of overworking a painting.

Blair and Janell's patio, it reminds me of a view in New Mexico.
Blair and Janelle live out in the country. We saw several hummingbirds on the patio and a roadrunner in the front yard. There is a great view off the back patio. You feel like you are far away from everything. In fact they had a lot of photos of a mother fox that raised a family of six foxes under their deck. Seeing wildlife up close is one of the treats  of living in the country. At my mom and dad's they have some foxes too, as well as deer, armadillos and cottontail rabbits.
Scout on my patio where I did some of my sculpting and painting.
Sunday I worked at home on my sculptures and paintings on my patio, accompanied by my studio assistant Scout. My friend Tosca had told me about an old British mystery called Five Red Herrings by Dorothy Sayers. It is about a  group of plein air painters, one of whom gets murdered,  on a painting trip in Scotland. I had  ordered this from Ebay and started reading it today. I'm also reading a book on the art of Maynard Dixon.  Lastly I did quite a bit of yard work.

Me painting the picture I posted at the top of this blog.
Saturday several of my friends went to paint in the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens.We had a good group show up for painting and later lunch. My friends with us today were Olivette Hubler, T. K. Riddle, Tosca Engish, Candy Clynch, Margie Whittington and her husband, who has started painting more, Hai Chi Lee, Dan Spangler, Moira McCarthy and Linnea.

T.K. painting behind where I was set up.

Tosca painting on a park bench in the gardens.

Candy painting a floral painting

A grazing bison at the Fort Worth Nature Center.
 I'm working on several bison paintings for some shows this fall so earlier in the week I took some more photos at the fort Worth nature Center when I went painting there with my friend Kent Brewer from Waxahachie.
Bison in the shade at the nature center.


  1. Je viens de passer un agréable moment en lisant et en contemplant chacune de vos merveilleuses photos.
    Votre activité est très remplie. Vous partagez des moments agréables et captivants autour de l'art avec vos amis artistes.
    Un charmant tableau que celui que vous nous présentez avec la statue... Il n'est pas simple de peindre et de restituer une statue avec son âme...
    Je suis toujours très impressionnée à la vue de ces gros bisons... Ils en imposent !
    Je n'ai jamais vu non plus de tatou en vrai! Je possède un youkoulélé fabriqué avec un tatou.
    Je pense que Scout est heureux de partager votre atelier sculpture et il en est le premier spectateur... Un excellent critique d'art!

    Gros bisous.

  2. Photos are a wonderful way to relive great times.
    Armadillos are interesting looking animals, if you have never seen one. But I can tell you, you don't want them in your yard. They do a lot of digging at night, for their small size they can make a mess.

  3. Hi there Doug!... Looks as if we are travelling "in parallel"! Good friends and landscapes/gardens to inspire us... and a good shot of busy! Love the softness and quiet in your garden sculpture study! A gem!

    All are the ingredients of a Happy Summer!

    Good painting!
    Warmest regards,

  4. I really like the painting Doug! One of your best.

  5. That paining is a real winner. Beautiful color. I really enjoy seeing your summer photos. It looks like you are having a great time.