Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rockport Baitstand

                                                            Rockport Baitstand
                                                                    8 x 10
I started this painting down at Rockport shortly before the New Year. I'd gone down on a fishing trip but my back was messed up and I wound up not being able to fish at all. Luckily, my friend Claudia Davis was down with her husband so I had someone to paint out with. The weather was cloudy and windy but we enjoyed painting anyway. I didn't get a chance to complete it, so yesterday I went over to my friend Linda Reedy's studio and finished it. I'd planned on starting a still life, and in fact our friend Sheri Jones came over and did paint a still life, but Linda and I both decided to work on finishing paintings we had already started. Some times it really is more rewarding just to complete a painting instead of starting something new.

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  1. Nice colors and great job on the flags! Well done!