Saturday, March 12, 2011

Kifaru, black rhino

15 x 5 x 7.5
bronze on granite
edition of 30
 I went to Dallas today to pick this sculpture up from the Beretta Gallery, for my show with Sheri Jones at the Southwestern Adventist University, only to find that it had just sold. That was a very great surprise. I will have another cast but not in time for the show at the University.
The title of this sculpture, Kifaru, is Swahili for black rhino. It was considered one of the Big 5, along with the elephant, cape buffalo, lion, and leopard. Compared to the white rhinoceros they are more aggressive. They are no longer hunted but still fall victim to poachers. I took a lot of photos and sketches of rhinos at different zoos for this sculpture. Our zoo here in Fort Worth has a great collection of rhinos having, black, white, and Indian rhinoceroses. Sadly all rhinos are endangered but at our zoo and at Fossil Rim Wildlife Park, near Glen Rose, they have been successful in breeding and raising rhinos. I think they are really a great animal to depict. What I like about them is that they look so prehistoric.


  1. You really got the personality of the Rhino nailed with this beautiful sculpture.Congratulations on the sale!! I will miss him in the show.

  2. I relly like the work of the tool on this piece...he looks like he could do some real damage with those double tusks(?). Congratulations on your sale!

  3. So glad you visited my blog so that I could find your work. I am so curious about the sculptures. So beautiful. Wondering about your process.
    And you paint too.....You Texans have too much energy.

  4. Congratulations, Doug!!! How exciting to have sold the Rino! You are on a roll!!!!!

  5. Your "homework" on this Rino payed off. You certainly captured his strength and power. Beautiful!

  6. This sculpture is just amazing -- who wouldn't want to own this? Kudos!