Friday, March 25, 2011

Work in Progress

longhorn cow and calf
work in progress in clay
I started work on this piece almost two years ago and started working on it again last night as my demo at the opening of my show at the Southwestern Adventist University. The light was not really that great for working on art but I think I'm pretty close if I put in some quality time working on it. I'm still working on simplifying the plants around the feet of the cattle. I try to have the most details around the faces of the animal and get looser the further away. This is basically the same principal as painting and having the sharpest edges around the center of interest.


  1. looks great, I really like your sculptures, I've always wanted to learn!

  2. Beautiful piece Doug. Your sculptures are always amazing!

  3. Thanks, I'm really getting excited about finishing this piece.